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Quick Start

This document describes basic ways of integrating Ramp into your web app and links to more detailed pages.

Integration modes

Ramp allows you to integrate it in multiple ways depending on your app's UI and needs.

All of our integration modes have their desktop and mobile counterparts, so you can get a perfect experience on any device format.

Overlay mode

If you want Ramp to open as an overlay over your app, you should go with this mode. It uses our SDK, so that all you need to do is to provide basic configuration and trigger displaying Ramp when you need it.

Find out more here: Overlay mode.

Hosted mode

When you want to just link to Ramp and open it in a separate tab, this one is what you need. It's the simplest way to integrate Ramp and it doesn't require a SDK.

Find out more here: Hosted mode.

Embedded mode

This is the mode you want to use if you want to put Ramp in some element in your page so that you can have a more customized way of displaying our widget. It uses our SDK just like the overlay mode - the only difference is that you need to provide a containerNode with your configuration.

Find out more here: Embedded mode.