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Tips & Tricks

Collection of helpful snippets that might help you solve most common integration problems.


Controlling the z-index

Sometimes your page can have elements with a greater z-index css setting than elements of the widget. They will be displayed by the browser above widget elements and can cause confusion for users. We recommend setting the widget's overlay z-index property to a value higher than anything you have in your application.

var widget = new RampInstantSDK({...});; = 1000;

Releasing Purchases Manually


Demo environment ONLY!

You can make a test purchase using the guidelines below (demo environment only):

  1. Add a new payment method, select "Manual Bank Transfer" (switch country to any European country if your country doesn't have that option).
  2. You should be back to the confirmation screen with "Any {currency} account" manual bank transfer payment method selected.
  3. Continue, the purchase will be created.
  4. Tick the box that says that you've transferred the funds and continue.
  5. Open the transaction summary link.
  6. Click the manual test release button at the bottom of the summary and wait a few moments until the confirmation is processed.

You can also use an API call to automatically release demo purchases. You need and purchaseViewToken to do it. Both of those values are available via SDK events and webhooks.

$ curl -X POST ""


Troubleshooting help for transactions can be found in our Help Center.