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Testing Environment

We provide a testing environment that you can use Ramp with before you're ready to go to production.

If your integration involves more than just allowing users to buy tokens, you'll probably want to test it.

Our demo environment has a minimal purchase amount of just €0.05, both for easier testing and to avoid depleting our Eth pools. To learn how to make test purchases see our manual release section in Tips & Tricks.

Currently on demo environment there are several test networks connected: Ethereum Rinkeby, Matic Mumbai, Ronin, Celo Alfajores, Tezos Ghostnet, Flow and Solana. Fuse and xDai are connected to the main networks so remember that there you won't be able to make test purchases. All the remaining assets(e.g. BTC) are mocked for now so you won't be able to check transaction on any chain explorer.

Here is configuration example and demo application url showing how to set up the Ramp widget.


Widget URL:

API base URL:


import { RampInstantSDK } from '@ramp-network/ramp-instant-sdk';

new RampInstantSDK({
// ...
url: '',