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Off-Ramp Native Flow


Native Flow is an additional feature available in the off-ramping flow. It allows users to execute the crypto transfer within the integrating partner app, without the need to leave the integrator app or switch between widget and wallet manually.

When to use native flow?

It very much depends on your use case.

  • Required: when you're integrating in a native mobile app that can execute the crypto transfer (e.g. iOS app with integrated wallet).
  • Recommended: when you're integrating in an app that could execute the crypto transfer, but it's feasible for a user to execute the transfer manually (e.g. web app).


Pros ✅Cons ❌
Manual FlowEasy to implementUser needs to manually go out/in the app to send the crypto
Unsupported for native mobile app views
Native FlowFriendly UX flowRequires a bit more implementation and maintenance effort on the integrators side

Please see the simplified flow comparison below:

Manual Flow

Native Flow

If you're ready to go, see the implementation guide 🚀