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Welcome to Ramp Docs!

Here's all you need to know before integrating Ramp into your dApp or wallet.

About Ramp

Ramp is an easy way to let your users buy or sell crypto directly from your dApp.

It is an entirely new type of on-ramp and off-ramp: aggregating various sources of liquidity, payment and payout methods to give your users the on-ramping and off-ramping process they deserve and your developers the easy integration they dreamed of.

If you need to learn more about on-ramps, off-ramps and stuff, read on. If you're a pro already, go straight to the get started section.

A production-level example is available here.

So why do you need on- and off-ramps at all?

Cryptocurrency transactions can be complicated and confusing for many users, especially when they are sent to external exchanges to buy or sell their cryptoassets. It can be time-consuming and frustrating for users, as they have to navigate through different interfaces and comply with multiple security and compliance layers. Because of this, many users drop the transaction completely, resulting in lower engagement and retention within the app.

Ramp can help you with this. Our product is designed to onboard and engage users in the crypto universe - with a clear and self-explanatory UX, approachable fees and wide offer of supported payment methods available straight from your dApp. Among other advantages, we also offer a seamless off-ramp that helps to alleviate fears of new crypto users that they won't be able to convert their crypto back to fiat.

You, a developer, will like it too - get started with the documentation.